St. John's Wort Tea - 100% St. John's Wort - 2.5 Grams Per Tea Bag

St. John's Wort Tea
St. John's Wort Tea
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50 single serving 2.5 gram tea bags containing 100% St. Johnís Wort.

If stranded on a desert island and you could only have one herb, St. Johnís Wort would be a good choice. It possesses all of the following properties:

  • antibacterial
  • antidepressant
  • antiviral
  • anti-inflammatory
  • pain-relieving

It is a virtual medicine cabinet in a single plant.

St. Johnís Wortís most common use is in the treatment of depression. Often referred to as natureís Prozac, large scale double-blind studies have shown St. Johnís Wort to be as effective as some pharmaceutical antidepressant drugs and more effective than others in treating mild and moderate depression. St. Johnís Wortís effectiveness in treating depression also makes it useful in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, and Lyme disease. As a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory St. Johnís Wort is useful in treating nervous system pain disorders such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, chronic headache, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you are currently taking prescription medication you should consult your physician before starting a course of St. Johnís Wort. In particular, if you are taking a course of another antidepressant you should consult your physician before beginning a course of St. Johnís Wort.

St. John's Wort Tea comes in easy to prepare single serving tea bags. Simply steep the bag for 3-5 minutes in hot water, flavor to taste with honey, sugar, and/or milk. Drink one to two cups daily.

Quantity: 50 Servings

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